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Farm Management    made simple

Shambapro App empowers farm owners to manage farm resources more efficiently, increase yields and farm incomes, save money and grow their farm business more sustainably.

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Over the past decade, the banking and financial services industry in Ghana has seen significant improvements in the quality of service delivery and the provision of superior financial products and packages.

We enable remote access to farm owners and investors to view and monitor all farm activities and financial transactions conducted by the farm manager, farm experts (e.g. agronomists, veterinary doctors etc) and farm workers, all in one place.

An Easy-To-Use

Farm Management Tool


Suitatble for mixed farms with horticulture and livestock enteprises.

Invite and collaborate with farm workers and farm experts like agronomists and veterinary doctors with
Farm Team.

Schedule, allocate and approve farm tasks with
Farm Calendar to keep track of staff performance.

Keep different types of non-financial farm records e.g. feeding, breeding, milking or health records with Production Records. Track records of a specific animals, herds, flocks, crop fields and paddocks.

Be on top of your farm’s finances with Financial Records, to ensure integrity, transparency and accuracy.

Have first hand information on what gets in or out of your
Farm Store in real time.

Check the financial health of your farm business at any time Farm Reports.

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Partner with Us

We love to talk to companies and organisations whose mission and values are similar to ours to explore opportunities for collaboration through our Shambapro Business and Shambapro Partner programs

Record Transaction

Control Your Farm’s Finances

Many farmers fail in their farm businesses because they often do not have control of how cash flows in our out of their businesses. Farm Records gives you to the tools to control and monitor your farm’s financial transactions and to ensure integrity in how the farm’s financial records are made and maintained.


Make Data-Driven Farm Business Decisions

Generate instant Farm Reports and Analytics to he help you and your team make informed farm decisions based  on farm and remote data to enable you increase quality and quantity of yields and improved farm productivity.

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