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Our humble promise to you our customers

Our humble promise to you our customers

Today, we start a humble risky journey to imagine a future that will be better for you our dear customers. You may be a farmer or an aspiring farmer. You may be a student, a young or middle aged employee in the public or private sector with hopes of making it in life, unsure of what exactly you will do in future. You may be a budding or successful businessman who wants to open a new source of income. You may be one who fears farming because of the risks associated with it.

Today, we know that farming is the backbone of most African economies. We know that it is the biggest employer but yet most farmers are small scale subsistence farmers who farm to put food on the table and save the remaining for sale so that they can cover other family needs. But the future we want for agriculture is not of small scale subsistence farmers to remain the same. It is a future where a growing number of serious individuals will take up farming as a commercial business and a serious investment that actually is profitable and dependable.

These new farmers will begin their business by seeking markets for their produce first before investing in any agribusiness. They will research the markets painstakingly and when they are satisfied with the availability of the market, they will research about what they need in term of land, inputs, technical expertise and farming guides. They will make wise investment decisions. The journey that begins today seeks to remove uncertainty in the search and acquiring of farm inputs, services, guides and technical expertise for this new and existing farmer.

We seek to be your dependable partner to you the new farmer.

The first part of the journey is our attempt to help farmers who have chosen to engage in the emerging high value agribusiness sectors of horticulture, poultry farming, fish farming, pig farming, beekeeping etc to find most of what they need easily and affordably. First we will provide you with simple, easy to read and understand farming guides that do not require an agronomist, veterinary doctor or other kind of expert to understand and implement.

Then when you make that decision to start, we want to forever eliminate your headache of sourcing for inputs, right from seeds, seedlings and breeding stock to pesticides and fertilizers, as well as animal feeds and farm equipment. We want to make this process enjoyable and  a liberating learning process for you.

We promise to spoil you with choice but we also appreciate that initially it will not be easy and without challenges. We also therefore promise to listen to your views and opinions. We will keep our ears open for your complaints or complements because we know that as much as we try to perfect our trade, we are not perfect, yet.

 We pledge to make our main purpose to create value on our platform exclusively for you, our customer.



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