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Why Shambapro?

Every farmer worries about if they will get quality farm inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticide in time and at an affordable price. It is also very hard to find affordable, reliable, relevant, practical, and easy to understand farming books and guides sources from experienced local experts that farmers and farm experts can refer to.

Shambapro is an online platform that enables farmers to purchase quality farm inputs and practical, easy to understand farming books and guides from trusted farm input suppliers and farm experts.

We believe that every farmer must have access to a variety of high quality farm inputs and information quickly and easily and be able to purchase these inputs easily, affordably and with peace of mind.

Our Story

Today, there are lots of innovative high quality farming inputs and practices in various farming sectors that farmers can use to increase their yields and incomes. However it is difficult for any aspiring or practicing farmer to access all this information on prices, variety in one place at a lower cost. Also there are many fake farm inputs on the market, as well as wrong sources of farming information.

So we have decided to use the disruptive power of the internet to enable farmers solve one of their biggest headaches in farming, that of being able to have access to a wide variety of high quality farm inputs and farm information all in one place for them to compare and make wise choices.

For Farmers

We help you save you your precious time and money while offering you a rich variety and quality in one place.

For Farm Input Suppliers

We help you access more farmers at no extra cost hence reducing your operating cost and leaving you with more time to source and make available quality products for your customers.

For Agronomists, Livestock Experts and Other Agriculture Extension Workers

We help you access expert farming knowledge and experience in simple, practical, and easy to understand farming books and guides that you can refer to in your day to day work with farmers. We also want to help you put your vast knowledge and experience in an easy to use farming guide that can earn you a fair side income.

Our founders have over 20 years’ experience in the agribusiness industry in East Africa and are employing this experience and industry network towards a new and positive farmer experience in input purchasing and expert advice.

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